21 OCTOBER 2005


Over a third of us will die without having made a will1, partly because we believe only rich people need to make one, according to independent website www.moneybasics.co.uk. However, whether a family is rich or poor, without a will to guide them, many find themselves facing a legacy of worries and disputes.

Keith Tondeur, chairman of the www.moneybasics.co.uk advisory panel says, "In everyday life, people know exactly how they want to spend their money but are reticent about deciding who gets what after their death. Without a will, inevitably, the people you really want to inherit your possessions may receive nothing, causing a great deal of needless anxiety and emotional upset. It's not just about money: most people have personal possessions which are of great sentimental value and can be given in a will."

To encourage everyone, including those on low incomes to make a will www.moneybasics.co.uk, a partnership between GE Money, Credit Action and the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, has developed a guide that explains why we should all make a will and how to do it cheaply and easily.

www.moneybasics.co.uk guide to making a will:

1 Source: The Law Society