11 JANUARY 2005


www.moneybasics.co.uk, the independent money information website, takes 6,000 queries a day from worried consumers.

Seventy-five per cent of consumers logging on to www.moneybasics.co.uk say they’re losing sleep worrying about money and turn to www.moneybasics.co.uk - the independent website providing simple, clear independent financial information - to help them tackle basic money problems.

A similar proportion find it difficult to know where to go to get impartial money know-how and the website receives over 6,000 hits per day from consumers wanting to learn more about finances.

According to recent research undertaken by MORI on behalf of www.moneybasics.co.uk - across the UK population, 13 million of British adults (29%) say they find it hard to get impartial simple money advice.

www.moneybasics.co.uk is divided into easy-to-use sections, designed to appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Areas covered are:

Keith Tondeur, chairman of www.moneybasics.co.uk’s advisory panel, comments:
"Losing sleep about money is a sure sign that you need to take a closer look at your finances. Sometimes, even a fairly trivial problem can keep you awake if you can’t get help or advice to sort it out. You don’t need to pay for this advice either - moneybasics is free."

"Getting advice from an independent source, such as www.moneybasics.co.uk, will help you get back in control. Or, if you think you’ve got a serious problem, you’ll find contact details for organisations that can help you. It may be that a quick chat with a trained advisor will sort things out, or it may be necessary to work out a long-term debt management plan. Either way, however dire the situation seems, people shouldn’t be losing sleep because help is available to solve money problems."