Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator

This tool allows you to obtain an approximate figure
of the amount you can afford to borrow and
how much your monthly repayments would be.



 Insert the following details In Figures(£)  Income Multipliers In Figures(£)
 Price of house   Highest Income 
 Official Valuation of house   Second Income 
 Your income (highest income if joint application)   Total Income 
 Second income (if joint application)      
 Loan to valuation percentage   3 times highest income 
 Mortgage Interest Rate (%)   Add Second income 
 Term of mortgage(in years)     
      2.75 joint income 
 Answer Screen1 In Figures(£)  Answer Screen2 In Figures(£)

Can you afford it?


How much will the mortgage repayments be?

 The price of the house is   Your mortgage is 
 Your income is(highest)   Intrest rate is 
   The term is 
 The maximum loan on your income is   Monthly repayment will be 
 The loan to valuation limit is      
 Therefore the maximum mortgage you could raise is      
 Therefore, you need a deposit of      


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