About MoneyBasics

About MoneyBasics

Handling money well and planning your financial future are some of the most important skills that you need in life. Yet many people spend more time planning their annual holiday than they do their financial future!

As a result, and because many of us have never been taught even the basics of money management, three leading organizations involved in these issues have got together to produce this Web site.

Our supporters

Credit Action is a national money education charity which aims to encourage "better thinking about money." For more information about Credit Action follow the link to www.creditaction.org.uk

Consumer Credit Counselling Service [CCCS] is the leading debt counseling charity dedicated to providing confidential free counseling and money management assistance to distressed families and individuals. For more information about CCCS follow the link to www.cccs.co.uk.

GE Money is a leading provider of consumer credit in the UK and is a division of General Electric Company. GE Money is committed to improving levels of financial capability and helping consumers make more informed decisions about money. Their financial capability strategy is delivered through partnership, research, communication, information and employee-participation. For more information about GE Money follow the link to www.gemoney.co.uk .

Content and advice

An independent advisory group will make sure that the content of the site is relevant and up to date. Members of the group include:

Credit Action

Keith Tondeur
National Director
Credit Action

Consumer Credit

Jan Smith
Head of External Affairs
Consumer Credit Counselling Service

Advice UK

Nick Pearson
National Money Advice Coordinator
advice UK


Kate Maycock
Head of Communication


Gwen Vaughan
Company Secretary Gingerbread

GE Money

Charlotte Gerrand
External Communications Manager
GE Money


The contents of this Web site have been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. We have summarised information and make general statements only and are not your professional legal advisors.

Before taking any action, you need to consider what is appropriate, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs.

If you use any information on linked sites or on any forum that we host, we do not prepare or endorse that information and we take no responsibility for it.