Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Using a credit card can be a useful way
of doing your shopping, making online
purchases, or making purchases abroad.

Why Get a Credit Card?

A credit card can be very a convenient method of payment and can especially be useful in times of emergencies.

How Much Does a Credit Card Cost?

There are various considerations when assessing the cost of credit, including the APR and any fees and charges.

Transferring Your Balance

Card issuers will sometimes offer you a lower rate of interest if you swap your balance from your existing card onto one of their cards. This is called a balance transfer.

Managing Credit Card Spending

Managing your credit card well can not only help you budget and prevent you from getting into debt, but can be a way to keep a good credit history.

Credit Card Security

To prevent fraud, it is important to keep your card safe, and report any suspicions of misuse, theft or loss immediately.