Borrowing Money

Borrowing Money

At times, borrowing can be useful and convenient. However,
borrowing is a considerable responsibility, so only take it on
if you can manage it. If you decide to borrow, you need to weigh
up the costs, including APR and any fees and charges, against
any benefits you receive, when choosing the right product for you.

What is Credit?

Credit is any sort of arrangement by which you obtain money, goods or services and agree to repay at a later date.

Am i Credit Worthy?

Certain information about you and any existing credit agreements is held by a credit reference agency. A credit provider will check this information before deciding whether to lend you money.

Credit Cards

Using a credit card can be a useful way of paying for shopping, making online purchases, or making purchases abroad.


Like other forms of borrowing, a loan helps pay for something when for some reason the money isn't already available.


Because relatively few people have enough ready cash to buy a house, the majority of home owners take out a loan for the purchase.

Other Credit Products

Other forms of credit include bank overdrafts, store cards and Buy Now Pay Later schemes.